Our firm was established in 1997 as an IBR approved firm and has been working in the field since then. At present we are a Special class classified firm. We are licensed to carry out maintenance and repairing work in boilers having pressure above 100 Kg/cm2. We are also licensed to carry out steam line fabrication and erection work of the above mentioned boilers as well.

Our firm is also licensed to carry out fabrication of pressure parts of the boilers such as economizers, super heaters and bed coils for high pressure boilers. The fabrication of these boiler components is done at our manufacturing facility at Chhatral with all necessary IBR formalities. Our manufacturing facility is well equipped with machinery and man power to carry out any sort of production orders in a specified time span.

Our firm has a team well experienced and having ample amount of knowledge in the field to carry out any maintenance as well as supply job related to the above aspects. Our team has an experience of working in the industrial environment for the past 12 to 13 years and has worked in some of the most remote areas with same efficiency. Our firm has worked with some of the most prestigious companies and has been able to create permanent relationships with these companies with our quality work, proper execution process of jobs, reduced time intervals of jobs and unbeaten support to our clients in every aspect possible.


  • Mrs. Saroj Sharma
  • Mr. Varun Sharma

Supervision team:

  • Mr. Jagdish Chauhan
  • Mr. Jayram Desai
  • Mr. Kishan Poptani
  • Mr. Vaji Singh

Our supervision team has a working experience of nearly 15 plus years of experience and has worked on every kind of boiler and in every kind of industrial atmosphere and location.